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Supplier Management

Purchasing is as strong as its suppliers support. Therefore, It is important to have professional suppliers who can not only deliver individual parts cheaply, reliably and without quality defects, but also take over complete assemblies.

This can be achieved through continuous supplier development, where each supplier is supported at its own level.
In a supplier evaluation system, weaknesses can be identified and supplier development components
can be introduced in a targeted way. Here, as Gönenç Export, we follow a path as follows:
Analysis of previous supplier management
Establishing a supplier registration and evaluation system for all product groups.
Compliance with product line management and risk management.
Creating supplier development modules for further development of suppliers. (APQP, product process control, lean manufacturing at supplier, etc.)
Establishing a supplier quality engineering responsible for supplier development and components.
Selection and introduction of appropriate supplier management systems (SRM software), including KPI and reporting.


Supplier evaluation systems should not be a burden on purchasing. . Or it should not be evaluated that way. Rather, these systems should be understood as an aid or reinforcement in the strategic purchasing process.
Strengthen your suppliers through targeted development to be strong.