Product group management

Product Group Management

A clear product line strategy is the basis of targeted measures that build on each other and lead to success. Everything else is activities done due to problems happening right now. Only when you have a plan you can achieve the goal. We can list the Product Group Management as follows;

Transparency in the purchasing portfolio.
Sustainable cost reductions.
Coordinated approach in company groups
Strategic approach instead of operational overload.

We define product group management as separating the goods to be procured into different groups in order to develop own supply strategies for each. We can also say it as interchangeable material group management or category management.
Since the introduction of ISO 9001/2015, structured risk management has been a necessity in procurement systems. However, risk management should not be an end in itself. Analysis of supplier risks should therefore be resolved with measures in the strategy and product group. To this end, we have created a consistent template for product line and risk management.
In order to successfully establish the product line or commodity management and stabilize companies sustainably, we recommend the inclusion of internal partners such as technology, logistics or quality as well as operational purchasing at an early stage. We support you in the organization of processes, bring the necessary tools and methods with us and, if necessary, create strategies with your buyers.


External consultants can be worked with to achieve more results and to expand the perspective of possible measures. When purchasing in this way, economic solutions and optimum results are obtained.