Package Purchase

Package Purchase

Those who combine their strength can use them in a more targeted way. Thanks to our procurement cooperation with various companies, we achieve cost savings of an average of 3% to 15% in total purchasing volume.

The decisive factors here are:
* Comparison of prices and discounts with the same suppliers.
*Trade with good suppliers. And make them group-wide suppliers.
*Negotiating framework agreements and bringing together the requirements.
* Harmonization of payment and delivery terms.

The following points are important when purchasing a package:
* Improvement and standardization of technical features.
*Standardization of purchased parts with the support of system suppliers.
*Cooperating with developers.


In addition to packaging, it is important to create structures that we can work with in the future.
* Setting up a uniform database.
* To create a uniform reporting.
* Determination of leading buyer companies or centralized purchasing.