Logistics Process Optimization

Logistics Process Optimization

Not only does water flow, but the material is also fluid. In the lean manufacturing process, it is much more important today that the goods are in the right place at the right time and reach there as "possible" as possible.

However, many management concepts have not been prepared for this. As a result, there can be costly management, logistics problems, and even production / assembly interruptions.

For this reason, we support the management of production and logistics organizations during the job preparation process. And we operate a process as follows.

1- Recording the current material flow.

2- Explanation of the internal logistics and work flow system.

3- Collection and implementation of value stream analysis.

4- Elaborating the optimization approaches.

5- Training of employees on CIP / Lean, 5A / 5S etc.

6- Providing corporate solutions in production, assembly and material supply.