Purchasing Organization

Poor organizations act like bad skiers. They panic and fall on difficult tracks. We offer solutions for the future challenges of your current organization.

Supplier Management

Purchasing is as powerful as its suppliers support. Therefore, you should get the parts you want cheap, reliable and without quality defects.

Cost Analysis

Keeping the average cost target with the suppliers. Costs consistency and continuity.

Product Tracking

To follow the necessary control, quality and packaging processes for the products for which the purchasing decision is made for R&D and cost analysis

Production of Hundreds of High Quality Products

Current products we produce for different industrial suppliers.

As a natural consequence of globalization, the following services are provided within the framework of the program to support the idea of providing higher quality products with more affordable costs in the competition environment getting harder with each passing day

Market Research

Procurement Projects

Purchase Optimization

Consultancy services on sub-industry selection issues.


Foreign Trade Consultancy

* International market research studies
* Support to find customers in targeted foreign markets
* Import & Export Management
* Customer relations management
* Optimization of foreign trade personnel, customs clearance and transportation costs
* On-site market research visit.

Production and Marketing.

Timely and standardized product supply to all of Europe.

Production, customs clearance and delivery processes are carried out in the best way. Modeling, sample production and R&D. Finding quality and economical producers and presenting them to customers.

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Gas Shock Absorber

Gas springs Trunk gas springs, Hood gas springs, Seat gas springs, Block Lift, Stainless Gas springs, Construction Equipment Door gas springs, Hood gas springs, Seat Shock Absorbers, Glass gas springs

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Headers and brackets are important details not only for the simple assembly of gas springs, but also for prolonging their service life with a suitable connection.

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Hydraulic Releases

Application areas:furniture, Therapy sofas, Telephone consoles, Cup holders, Table adjustments, Convertible pans, Fitness equipment, ship hatches, Medical technology, Driver's seats in excavators, cranes, tractors and more

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Metal Parts

Turned, milled machined metal parts. We play an active role in the production of CNC machined precision parts. We develop custom designed CNC machined parts according to customers' drawings. Stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

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Projects that I support our customers

Our Latest Projects

The biggest reason why our customers who we support in production or supply choose us is our meticulousness.On the side, you can view some of the projects I have done recently

Forward Thinking

Reliable, Effective and Technically Advanced Products.

We have worked as your support partner in the production of your ideas with our years of experience. And we have gained a lot of experience from other projects.

Quality Control Systems

We have gained the trust of many of our customers by following our service quality.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We took an integrated approach by providing engineering services. We benefited our customers from our commercial and logistic advantages.

Professional Staff

We supported international large companies in the production and sales network using advanced computer technologies

Correct Test Processes

We are happy to be with you in your big or small project. We never discriminate about the job. We will answer your phone under any condition

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